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29.11.2019 ~ 01.12.2019 呷欢喜文创市集

以活泼创意生活型态所设计的华语和福建(闽南 语)文创艺术活动 “呷欢喜文创市集”,将华语和福建传统转型为全民皆能够更容易接受的概念,从同侪的相互影响力及各类型相关活动来提升年轻人 对母语与方言文化的喜爱与认同,进而落实新加坡 双语并进和自己对方言的了解。

“Creative Bazzar @ The Metropolis” transforms the Chinese and Fujian tradition into a lively and creative concept that is more acceptable to all, through peer interaction and various types of related activities that enhance the recognition of mother tongue and dialect culture for young people. 


呷欢喜文创市集 - 摊商招募 Booth Application https://forms.gle/ZnqdibF613u4Rs5VA

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25.5.2019 ~ 26.5.2019 新生活文创市集